Greetings,I am a multi award winning Zimbabwean world musik artiste,A Kore Kore Prince Rainmaker and Hunter tribezman descendant of King MASHAYAMOMBE 

My blend of new World Music I call 'Qaya Rootz'(Qaya/Khaya means Home,Rootz/Your home is as strong as how deep your roots go)aims to invoke feelings of pride in our culture along with perhaps feelings of nostalgia.Qaya Rootz Musik is a fusion of many disciplines as I am multi lingual,Musik is Musik and speaks to every soul that cares to listen.Thank you for embracing the Wataffi Experience.

I check my own emails and would love to hear from you, both about my music but also what inspires you. You can sign up and join my mailing list or simply leave a message in my guestbook.

I'm excited to share with you my musik which represents a modern African society


Willis Wataffi


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After my 2016 successful Gospel album Songs Of David.
I started recording my latest Rsa produced album for 2018 Uhuru/Independence had the pleasure of working with my PE based co/producer Edgar Muzah and of course the most amazing team of Carlton Mp'arutsa, Josh Kwesha,Tammi Bimha, Norman Masamba,Hughclaid Kalino,Thandile Phetshwa,Blaq Tye and the magical Elijah @Grahamstown studios.

We already released an EP called Nhema in feb 2018 which contains 2songs Nhema&Jeka Zuva off Uhuru/Independence.

Email: info@wataffi.com or use form below